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aanhef blog

Saturday, 5 September 2009


Guess what..... I am having an afffair (big smile on my face). Alphons is his name. We met at Escorts Lounge during one of my first nights there. He was ever so silent, just stood there at the stairs. I - being instructed by my friend Sparks (read my Escorts entry) - did not IM him of course, ...although I wanted to.
Then the next evening he was there again and we talked a little. I think I did IM him first (unpatient Dido). He was not kind at all, told me he was only interested in the person behind the avi, not in avi looks. Asked me how I would react when escorting a guy I did not like. Anyway, our first encounter was far from romantic. To tell you the truth I thought he was a bastard.

Then he was there again and sat in front of my pole and paid me, not to dance but to talk. He asked me to go with him and I did. Not knowing what to expect. He took me to his house. We danced on the beach, it felt good. However, the next time we met we were nasty again, cautious both of us, fighting to establish boundaries. I called him a bastard and he replied I was too. But after a week of close contact I can say 'hey I love this bastard a lot'

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