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Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Hey guys, I will be famous... surf to http://theslfashionista.blogspot.com and read what my best friend Ner writes in her item about Bare Rose. Especially read the part about me (big smile). 
Awww, I love this item on Bare Rose. There are two pics in it figuring me(proud, proud, proud).
One with the B@R Black Mist outfit and one figuring Ner and me in Wastelands in B@R clothes (Ner wearing Lowrise and me in Duet, which I bought because of the awesome white blouse).
Copied the pic into my blog, hope you don't mind Ner.

Ner and me we met June Dion, owner, creator of Bare Rose, last week when shopping at Bare Rose. June helped me to locate a dress I wanted to buy. Arghhh THE June Dion herself helped me and talked to me!
This morning I sent June an IM mentioning Ner's blog item on Bare Rose. Hope she will have a look at Ner's blog.

Dikke kus

PS just received the following IM of June (sweet!):
[3:12] June Dion: Hello :) was took your time, and thank you very much for the blog with lot of introduce :D sending small gift to you girls, thanks again :)