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Friday, 4 September 2009


I have a sister in SL called KC Haas, we met a long time ago and although we see eachother rarely, when we do it's great fun. KC is a charming and kind person, I love her a lot.

KC and me

This week I met my other sister Sabine (no not Haas, not the same father I guess ;-). Wow Sabine and me we do look alike a lot. It was shocking to discover an avi that has similar features as I do and even has the same interests in SL: we both are interested in Japanese culture; like me she lives in a Japanese house.
She is very creative too, she owns a gallery in SL that exhibits her work as a photographer. I am truly happy to have met her.

me in front of pic Sabine

So now I have two sisters ;-)
Love them both a lot!

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