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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Death in SL...

Sob, sob one of my roosters died, Morten est mort....
This morning I received the following messages

The object 'sionChicken' has sent you a message from Second Life:

I (Morten) died because of another chicken! My position is Tohl777D at pos <....>
The object 'sionChicken' has sent you a message from Second Life:
Use the sionChicken healing kit in order to revive me!
I hurried over to the coop and stared at Morten lying there on the ground and Sparks, the killer rooster peacefully asleep beside him. Mmmm, I did not know what to do, revive Morten or.......
I have so many eggs, trying to sell them at the moment and because of the shortage of prims.... and then ... during a fit of madness I did it I erased Morten, I killed him.....
So in the end Sparks won he owns all the ladies now. Bastard he is! I might have Kylia, the hen for dinner too this evening, as I am sure she would like to be in chicken heaven together with her lover/master Morten. Mmmm, so Sparks has all the virgins hens now (i.e. Nere, KC and Sabine).
Question: am I a sadist or just being practical?
I won't tell Leeuwie, a Dutch guy I met at a chicken orphanage. Yes they exist in SL. He told me he saved abonned, mistreated and hungry chickens, feeds them. He has sooo many. Such a sweet guy. Hope he won't read this item btw.
Anyone want beautiful green/yello/brown eggs? Please IM me. You can have them for free.
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