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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Modelling & an awesome place

Last Saturday Sabine, my sister asked me if I had time to model. She wanted to take some pics of us for her gallery. I just had been exploring and found an awesome place; the perfect spot. When Sabine and me arrived at this spot, after the necessary preparations in her studio, we were naked standing in the waves of the rough sea. We were alone, except for one guy who stood at the black beach without moving (he had not moved since I was there 1 hour before exploring) nor speaking.

My sister took lots of pics, but not enough and she told me she needs another session. So Mr Unknown we will be back there.... ;-)
I took the pic shown above (mmmm not such a good quality, hers are much better).

Alphons, my Italian friend has an awsome place: lots of water, rolling waves, sandy beaches, palm trees which produce enough shade, boats, private dancefloor with super dances (the hot new ones), a sophisticated house, no traffic AND awesome music. I love the music at his place and therefore like to sit at his beach and order my invent, unpack gifts or just relax.

My cat Shamus has been living at his house now for a few weeks and became great friends with Buck, Alphons his dog.
Right now Alphons his place is restricted to a happy few (5 persons if I am not mistaken). Sorry guys if you read this.... lucky me ;-)

Dikke kus

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