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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Hosting at Club J.A.G.

Last weekend was the opening of club J.A.G. (Jaggers) and guess what I am a host there ;-)

So, I was there last Friday 4th September, opening night and hosted for 1,5 hours. I got rather frustrated because of all the silly sentences being SHOUTED (I hate capitals, but noticed I had to use them too to make myself heard). Because of this no conversation was possible. Well maybe the plp present did not want to. Anyway, I was a bit disappointed and tired and left immediately after my shift, leaving my friend Ner behind who had her mind set on winning the contest that was going on.
A few of my friends came which I appreciated A LOT. Thanks Ner, Michiel, Kavian, Rokia, Ake and of course my love Alphons!
The next evening, Saturday nite late I had another shift at club J.A.G. and this time it was fun. We had cool music and dito conversation. My first SL lover Fred Z. was there. Arghhh, had not seen him for 2 years I think. Great fun to talk to him. 
When I signed out the system paid me L$ 15 at the end of my 1,5 hours shift. Grrrr, ... a mistake, mmm well won't leave my SL bed for that amount.
The system still needs to be fine tuned. Well this week I expect all to be running more smoothly.
Hey come and judge yourselves and join me this Thursday, 10th September between 1 and 2 SLT at club J.A.G. and lets dance.....!!!!

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