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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

DT, Church of Luxe and Embryo

I simply had to show you this awesome outfit AND my new skin. Arghhhhh I did it I bought it! Had been drooling over it, thinking, rethinking....., but here I am: Dido in Dutch Touch again (back to DT). I have a weak spot for Iki her skins. After all the first real skin I bought was from Iki. And... I felt good in that skin for over a year. And now back in DT CleO, aww love it!

I took these pics at Embryo, a really awesome place so nicely made. Go and have a look!

Wearing an outfit I feel good in, nice and warm ;-) especially with autumm in the air. I bought it yesterday at Church of Luxe (COL). The vest is accompanied with a black jeans and a white Tee. Not the white Tee I am wearing in the pics above, that's Ohmai (high rise tank white - free).

The boots are my bikers boots from Redgrave.
Skin : Doutch Touch CleO Olive EB2 Smokey FR
Hair : Magika hair Biji Black
Eyes: PC eyes Ocean Seaweed

Dikke kus

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