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aanhef blog

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Girl talk

Cath and me chatting; yeah girl talk ;-)

Style card Cath:
Belleza Elle skin dark tan 15
A&A Zinai hair
L&G Ellen G dress
makeup - Moonshadow Fire

style card Dido:
Just bought a new dress here at Cool Beans, wow red and hot with zippers;
it's called Scarlet mini dress.
I combined it with my red suede Bax Coen ankle boots 
Crazy Mala stockings (part of outfit)
Truth Billie hair champagne
League Taylor Sunkiss BlackIce skin
Jewellery: League, LouLou&Co, TSS, HoD, Happy Finds

Cool Beans Scarlet mini dress (front and back)
Dikke kus

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