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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Help Japan

It's good to see/feel that Second Life is a community that cares about Real Life people all over the globe, with literally no boundaries. Spontaneous fund raisings and events are initiated for whatever disaster happens in the world like the recent tsunami in Japan. 

I remember the first time I became aware of this strong community feeling: an SL friend from the US lost his RL home coz of a fire. He had nothing left and had to live in a hotel room for a while. His SL partner and friends organized a fundraising party and we all attended, showed our sympathy and donated Lindens. 

Of course Alex and me we went to the fundraising sales for Japan and bought stuff and donated to the Red Cross. 
However, sometimes I have the feeling to drown into all these charity events, fund raisings, 'special days' like Valentines, St. Patrick, Halloween, Christmas, Easter you name it. Oh and I forgot all the hunts that are going on. Yep no time to linger ;-) 

Alex is wearing:

Various Mr Poet clothes he bought at fundraising sales for Japan:

Mr Poet Woven Pants red
Mr Poet White Shirts
Mr Poet White Slim scarf (stripe)
Mr Poet Leather woven belt red
He also bought the red Aoharu Woven Shirt there
Mandala Reiki Bracelet Silver GEM/Male

Urbatik Chook boots

Dido is wearing:

DG (Deviant Girls) shawl 'Boro Sumi Ai'; it's simply gorgeous!
Plastik Boudoir Ruby dress
League Sia skin Bloom NEW
Truth RiRi hair champagne NEW; yep I also love blond RiRi ;-)
Miel Echo Necklace (FLF)
.HoD. Mercenary women's set necklaces
and using SMP poses '/me helps Japan'

Dikke kus


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