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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Summer time

I really love this picture; wearing the group gift (VIP collection) hair of elikatira called Comfort. It comes in 5 colors, showing Brown 11. 
The awesome white loose shirt is Mr. Poet and shhht but it's actually a male shirt ;-) 
The Diamond Spray earrings are Yummy Accessories and are last FLF; love them!
Furthermore wearing my at the moment fav skin League's Sia Bloom, with a Mynerva Monroe mole tattoo layer, Poetic Color eyes easter lilac, Lelutka lashes natur, LouLou&Co gloves/bracelets, TSS darken eyebrow piercing and last but not least Bax ankle black patent boots.

Showing a bloggers review item of GCD (Gwen Carillon Designs); GJeans messy paint and peach tank. Cute cute, cute
The tank comes in 2 jacket layers: with and without nipples showing. The messy paint jeans come in even more options: boots version, low and loose, straight and skinny. The outfit also contains a crochet black lace vest (not shown).

Btw don't forget to move your clock to SUMMER time tonite. Phew, will miss that hour of sleep ;-(

Dikke kus

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