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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

It's all about Green

Showing the Glam Affair group gift I received yesterday called Mary Green (GF of Patrick?) available in five skin tones: light,  natural, medtan, tan and dark (not shown).
And.... each tone features 3 brows tones: blonde, brown and dark. Pff too many options. But I like the green eyeshadow coz it matches well with my green Poetic Color eyes ;-)

R.icielli Larissa minitop white (TDR)
R.icielli Misseling jacket white (TDR)
LeeZu O'LaLa Micro Jeans skirt stonewashed beige belt 
League Wanderer Necklace and Earring (FLF)
TSS darken eyebrow piercing
Truth Maddy in chestnut
Poetic Color eyes Easter Lilac

Dikke kus

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