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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

SkinFair visit and Suze's corset

Finally I managed to visit the SkinFair 2011 this evening. Of course there was the usual lag, but not as bad as at the start of the Fair. I took almost everything off including my hair, I looked like a zombie but hey I had rendering costs of 203! Amazing to see some avi's walking around with rendering costs of over 700 and more. 

Showing you the YS&YS skin Susan (gift) I scored at the fair. Also wearing the Mynerva mole 'under the eye', a tattoo layer I bought that comes in a package with 12 (combinations of mole(s) and blush). 

This weeks Truth hair Whitney in walnut makes me look like a movie star of the fifties. A sort of non-blond Marilyn M. 

And last but not least I am wearing Honey Rope corset in blue, which I bought at Risk city the other day in several bright colors (fatpack for only 200 L$).

Dikke kus

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