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Friday, 4 March 2011


I received the following NC today: 

'Mynerva~ has decommissioned the old subscriber system, there wil be no more notices sent out to this current list of names.
We are hoping you wont mind joining our group and taking up a group slot, after much discussion we set a L$50 joining fee, this is to encourage those that are keen to keep up to date, there are a few nice unique skins available as joining gifts if you TP to the shop to collect them'.

Of course I joined the Mynerva Group and thus became a Mynervan and look at the 4(!) awesome group gift skins I picked up in the shop. 

Also wearing from this Friday's FLF the League Wanderer Jewellery set with several option (necklace, bracelet and earrings). Love it!
I used 4 super cute poses of the TDR Glow Paparazzi pose set.

Mynerva skin GG 1
Mynerva skin GG 2
Mynerva skin GG 3 
Mynerva skin GG 4
Dikke kus

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