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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Camisk and free collars

Last Thursday I met with my friend M., a warrior in Gor. And, as I have always been intrigued into the Gorean way of life of masters and slaves, I asked him if I could join him there to learn about this part of SL. We considered first me going there as a free woman. Mmmm the clothes of free women are sooo boring, so we decided it would be a better option to transfer myself into a slave (a trainnee that is). I needed clothes to show up there so we went shopping. The fun part ;-)

I was surprised about the amount of different stuff there is available for the Gorean way of life. I have lots of silks and even a kirtle, but omg there is soo much. And the prices arghhhhh, that is if you want the really nice stuff ... and I do of course. Always quality whatever I wear.
Anyway, he took me to
Bina and I bought this Nicole camisk (colour mint). Omg sooo sexy and revealing. I was told that in Gor they don't wear the undies .. arghhhh.

I needed a collar and guess what I found these, looking very elegant and with many options. They were made by Dari Haus, a girl that no longer is in SL, don't know what happened to her. I visited her memorial LM, where you can get lots of her stuff - among them the lovely collars I am wearing on the pics - for FREE!

silver necklace collar & filigree collar

Now I still have to use all the stuff shown above. Mmm don't know if that will happen as my Gorean friend and me we have a big time difference so we are seldom sync. I will keep you posted ;-)

Dikke kus

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