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Friday, 31 July 2009

Group membership and frustration.....

Arghhh so frustrating: the message 'you are in too many groups' cannot ad you to this new group. Mmmm, I have to decide then which group to leave, or ... decline the new group membership. Afterwards I am often sorry for leaving a group because I hear from my fashion friends that they had such a nice group gift. Brrr, so I have to remove another group and join them again to get the group gift, etc.... Pffff how complicated can SL be ;-)

Anyway the above happened when I read in Amerie Naughty her blog yesterday there was a long fluffy hippie skirt as a group gift this week, which I had to have of course! Mmmm, difficult choice but I decided to leave Pixel Couture. I tp-ed to Pixel Couture first to look around see if leaving this group was a good choice. Well it was. My tp brought me to a nice parcel of land, very romantic and beautiful and for rent. My endeavours in Search to find Pixel Couture did not bring me anything. So Amerie is back in my groups. I love her clothes and have several of them in my invent.

I combined the skirt with my golden AoHaru sandals and a top of Bare Rose (part of the Duet outfit). It's also super with a jeans, cool!

Last week I spend a few evenings dancing with my French friend Voodoo at The Wave, the KeyWest Resort & Marina dance place. Actually this is Liz Harley her place. She used to be the driving force behind Hot Sax Jazz club, which was my fav club in SL. Almost lived there and therefore I was ever so sad when it closed. Liz her club at Keywest is not hot and fancy but I love the music and the people. A group of pleople and DJ's come there almost every evening and the atmosphere is relaxed. I really enjoyed it.

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