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Monday, 13 July 2009

Jasmine's Cantina and Cafe

My friends Mojo and LuckyMoon are a wonderfull couple. They are always fun to be with and full of surprises and so is their place.

Jasmine's Cantina and Cafe is great fun: caribean music, many dance balls (flamengo, salsa, slow) and more....

my friend Amade and me got inspired by the place and started playing instruments ;-)

Mojo loves fast machines: in the pic above left we were in his speed boat. Fun!
So when you are bored of dancing be 'active' and take a ride on a fast boat or jetski, surf on the big waves, or do a chopper tour.

Wanna be cultural or meditate: Mojo and Lucky perform in their kabuki theater and lately they made a coral reef to explore and a Meditation isle.
Never a dull moment at their place.

Cu there folks.
Dikke kus

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