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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

What's underneath (blowpop & huz tats)

Blowpop Jolen set Cranberry & Huz Tats Kanji tattoo

Yesterday I could not resist a lovely lingerie set of Blowpop. I simply had to buy it and after staring for a long long time at all the nice colours I choose Cranberry. Wow what a wild thing to do for me, as practically all my lingerie is black, red or white.
OMG it is so lovely! Well look at the pics I am a blowpop right, very lickable (big smile).

Before my visit to Blowpop I was at Huz Tats and bought the Kanji tattoo shown. I spotted it a few days ago in a blog, had to have it. There are not many tattoos I really like, but this one is awesome and it comes in all layers.

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