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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Mont Saint Michel

Yesterday I was exploring *Edelweis* Mont Saint Michel when my friend Amade joined me and we continued our tour together.

I remembered I visited the RL Mont Saint Michel ages ago and believe me this SL place is so real. Amade and me, we visited the beautiful cloister and church and took some nice pics there. As I did of me taking a seat in the fast car that was parked near the church, arghhhhh what a nice animation. I felt like a real dame ;-)

The LM made me enter the sim at the foot of the mountain with my feet in the water. I had to climb a lot of stairs before arriving in a narrow street (like in RL Mont Saint Michel) with lots of shops. Most are Japanese, as is the lovely French bar there. Sooo funny I entered that place with menu's outside on the wall in French and a kind lady standing behind the bar speaking only Japanese.
Makes no never mind I loved it: the sim is really super I urge you all to visit. Many places to take nice pics.

Dikke zoen

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