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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Ice hotel and a short intro of Dido

Hi this is me; Dido Haas. I started this blog because after returning from my RL holiday in the Northern part of Spain I discovered I like blogging about the things I do/see/discover and the people I meet. I plan to blog about my whereabouts in SL, which will be very divers.

Let me start by telling something about me:
Dido named after the queen of Carthage and lover of the Trojan hero Aeneas. I have loved that name for so long. Years ago I named one of my siamese kittens Dido. So Dido it was when I had to choose a name for my avi in January 2007. Mmm have been a long time in SL already come to think of it.
I love exploring, shopping, dancing, meeting new people and existing friends and some excitement. I have some good friends with whom I exchange LM's of SL places worth exploring. And there are soooooo many in SL.

Yesterday for instance I visted a very interesting place with my friend Amade. We did a tour in the Icehotel. The tour started on horseback went up the mountains along rendeer, red survival tents and a shed where the maker/owner of the Icehotel sim lives. We had to jump off the horse and board a cute chopper that took us all over the icy mountains.
There are several places to dance too, among them the club Permafrost with a stage, hotel rooms (all ice of course like in the RL ice hotel), lots of nice pose balls. I loved the 'slippery' ones, they made me laugh a lot.
Lots of snow there so put on some warm clothes when you go ;-)

More info, LM, lots of pics etc: http://icehotelsl.blogspot.com/

I took some pics in the chopper and 1 dancing.

To be continued
Dikke kus


  1. Thank you so much for your blogpost!

  2. Hi Dido!
    so nice to hear you are part of SL bloggers! I am not really one, i just post for my boss, but i will keep an eye on yours :)

    big huuuuugs!!!