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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Three Gorges Dam - worth a visit!

This week I visited
China Three Gorges with my friend Michiel. Wow, this sim is simply awesome! I also visited their website which gave lots of background info about this project of Handong Zhu (SL name Ken March).

'The aim is to build a virtual area under the route of the three gorges dam in SL, which is composed by several major places including Chongqing, Fongdu, Zhongxian, Fengjie, Wushang and Zigui.'

Well the project is not finished yet, building is still going on, BUT they already succeeded in their aim. To get an idea of how it will be see the pic above left.

What a place to visit: be surprised, make awsome pics, learn about the project. My friend Michiel and I we loved it. I took so many pics (could not resist to put many in this blog), I really was inspired by the place.
There is a chinese wall where you enter the sim with RL pics in black and white of the 3 Gorges dam area, a red temple, the villages on the bottom of the lake - all is still there: a swimmingpool, a soccer field, a bus laying upside down, cars - and more.


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