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Monday, 13 July 2009

Sandals ....

Another of my SL addictions, next to exploring, is shopping. I follow several SL fashion blogs the best I can, which of course is never enough (sighs). There are so many, soooo many freebees, group gifts, hunts, lucky chairs, new hair, skin, clothes whatever pfffff.
Sometimes I simple don't wanna bother and go exploring, like I did this week. But..... then I spot something really interesting and I cannot resist it I simple have to go there and buy buy buy ;-)

I was excited when I read Aoharu has sales: 50% off from 11 - 20 July. I went there Tuesday evening and bought 2 pair of sandals. I noticed them in a blog and although I am a 'boots girl' I loved the cute flat golden sandals.

Omg they are super but........ what a lot of work to put them on! I had to cut of my feet first, otherwise the sandals wouldn't fit, adjust the prims of the sandals, colour the skin of the feet (yeah wearing them means you have artificial feet arghhhhh), adjust the colour of those feet to match with the rest of your skin and as icing on the cake: colour your toe nails.

Pfffff I am a lazy girl and was exhausted after putting on both pair of sandals. However, I returned to Aoharu wearing my new sandals to have a look at the clothes on sale. I could not resist buying some: a purple mini dress and a purple kind of hoodie. I also took some freebee socks.

Dikke kus

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