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Friday, 17 July 2009

Crimson Shadows closing

I am exhausted after hunting watermellons during the little time I had being in SL. I had some help of hunting expert Karina Larkham, ( http://theslfashionista.blogspot.com/) she gave me tips what is worthwhile hunting. Thanks Karina kiss!

I did score some nice things. However, as all the blogs are already mentioning the watermellon hunt ..... lets talk about something different:

    Crimson Shadows closed on 15th July.

When I read this last week, I rushed over there, just in time, as they had their final sales. Arghhh I bought half the shop (almost all outfits were priced L$ 50). Should have bought them all ;-(

Nice Gothic outfits in red and black (like the store itself), which happen to be my fav RL and SL colours. Some outfits were inclusive shoes and jewelry and several layer options. What a waste that this awesome shop left SL!

Dikke kus

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