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Friday, 2 October 2009


I have been living at my tiny island at Tohl sim for over half a year now. In the beginning I was surrounded by the ocean and empty islands. Lately, however, more and more neighbours are occupying the larger islands surrounding me.
The nearest island is occupied by an Italian couple: Macya and Poll. One of the first days they lived there I went over to say hi, however there did not respond. I assumed they were busy.

Two weeks ago, however, after installing the Greenlife Emerald viewer (with the awesome radar function ;-) I IM-ed my neighbour Poll. We talked and he told me about Siena, an RP sim he and Macya visit a lot. He gave me an LM and I went there. I took a seat in a carriage with horses, mmmm I felt like a princess. Wow, what an awesome sim, I was impressed as I know the RL city of Siena in Italy: the large square with the fountain, the church, arghhhh super.

I did not have much time during that first visit to Siena as I had to work at club J.A.G. that particular evening. The guy who accompanied me at Sienna told me I could always return there. In Sienna there are bandits/vampires so a lady walking around on her own ......

I went there again this week and took some pics of the Sim. Interested? Visit Siena (youtube video)
Have fun!

Dikke kus

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