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Monday, 26 October 2009

Crazy cat

Last week my friend Ner tp-ed me to Crazy, an awesome shop. Love at first sight, like Ner said the clothes were 'Dido style'. I bought several outfits, as did Ner. Ner blogged about it for The SL Fashionista. I love her entries, very stylish and sooooo Ner ;-)

Ner and me we bought different outfits. So, I like to share my two fav Crazy outfits with you, which I have been wearing ever since I bought them, together with the (freebee) TnT Neko Hud, ears and tail I bought the same day. Awwww so much fun like to be a cat now and then, hissing and meowing ... 



Dikke kus

Skin: DT, Cleo
Hair: Fri.day Deena
Eyes: Poetic Colors sea weed
Gloves: MAiiKI striped Strapless
Necklace: Rock'n'Rolla chian Gang Bang of NS Design

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