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Friday, 23 October 2009

Let the music play

My new SL passion: music and more specific finding good songs for my shifts at club J.A.G.
Last night I started with dancing at Avilion with my Spanish friend Sairemus. Awww such a long time ago I was there. I love the ballroom. Sairemus was dressed as a knight, awesome. Only problem was when he entered the ballroom he could not move anymore because of the sword that was part of his outfit. In Avillion all weapons are forbidden, so .... not sure what happened but I sure had a laugh. Sorry Sairemus but could not help it.

Still in my evening dress I tp-ed away after a while to Alphons' island and sat next to him on a blue velvet sofa. After many weeks of absence he was back inworld. I love his place and there is always something new, or I haven't seen before there: this time it was the sofa and there were also many persian carpets lying around. I think Alphons went shopping for antigues  ;-)
Anyway, don't know how but we ended up talking about music and got more and more enthousiastic. We danced on the veranda and listened to YouTube songs which we exchanged. It was great fun. We both took some nice pics.

After Alphons left I went to The Wave for a little while to dance and Voodoo joined me. I love the atmosphere there, the nice people, Liz, the owner who is always present and so kind. We had fun talking about the moving boobs of the DJ. She had the new version (9.04) of the Emerald viewer. I use Emerald too and it is great fun my moving boobs.

Sooo a busy evening and no time to shop for Halloween goodies, but music, music and more music

Dikke kus

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