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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Halloween and Hosting

Club J.A.G. has been rebuild over the past week. There is a mall now, an event area and more. I went there to have a look and was impressed. The club looks much more cooler too.
The website http://www.club-jag.nl/ (including the schedule of DJ's and hosts, which is almost up-to-date yet) is in place. In other words things are getting more and more professional.
I was hosting there this Tuesday (20th October) with DJ Jochem. Jochem played lots of my favourite music, loved it. Many friends came. Fun!
Hope to establish a kind of tradition on 'my' tuesdays. 
Whenyou read this come and see for yourself taxi to club J.A.G.

In Holland unfortunately there is no Halloween tradition. I like the weirdo skins, the orange and purple outfits, the witch hats, the broomsticks, the pumpkins and all the other scary stuff.
Hope we all will wear lots of Halloween outfits next week at club J.A.G. So much fun.

Above a recent pic of me. I love the DT skin and the far away look in my green Poetic Color Eyes.

Dikke kus

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