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Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Omg I have fallen in love.... with the new animals one can breed in SL.
I read the blog of Ozimals http://blog.ozimals.com/ every day waiting for the moment I will be able to buy the rabbits, because that is what they are. They look sooo cute, arghhhh cannot wait. But ... I have a problem: what to do with my Sion chickens?

After my holiday I found my mature chickens starved. My own fault ;-( although I had packed them carefully in boxes and put them in my inventory to prevent them from being scattered under the pile of clothes, sofa's, shoes, houses, vehicles and whatever else I have accumulated during the past 2 SL years)
they starved. I should have know. Anyway, I took out 3 eggs from my invent and voila new little chickens are wandering around the coop now: Voodoo (the rooster) and the two hens (his mistresses to be) Deirdre and Sabine.

However, with the rabbits coming.... I have a serious prim problem. I could take all furniture from the house, or remove the entire house.
Mmmm, or rent more prims and/or a bigger island for the rabbits to wander around. But that will cost more L$

See how difficult can a Second Life be.
Dikke kus

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