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Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Everything is so much faster in SL compared to RL. My ex partner Otts from Baltimore used to say an SL week is a RL month.
Sooooo I have been in SL for a looooong time and I have a few friends I know for a long SL time. My friendslist is endless, but are they all friends? Nooooo, I don't even remember how most of them look and where we met. Now and then I have the urge to clean, just erase all except for the few real friends.

Although during the past years I found out that also friendships in SL can change overnight as fast as the shops, clubs and beautiful places to wander around disappear.
My ex partner Otts said goodbye to SL and removed his avi and all the goodies for a reason he never told me. I asked him to come back and have fun, but he won't. We do still chat now and then, which is nice I love to stay in contact but it is different from playing together in SL.

Otts & me ages ago

Alvar my ex Italian BF with whom I lived for over 6 months, who erased me from his friendslist, which I still regret.

with Alvar in Thassa

Julien who went and played other internet games, BUT is back in SL now and then. Although when he enters it's soooo late (those Spaniards with their siestas and late dinners -big smile).

my awesome Spanish friend Julian

Freda, my best friend for over a year, whom I met twice in RL. Poof gone ;-(

Just like in RL people come and go, however this process is much faster. And I regret to loose those I love. I really do, it hurts.
Sometimes though it might be better to start all over again. During my holiday I received a notecard from my friend Wildsoul in which he stated he had removed ALL his friends from his friendlist. If people wanted to be his friend they could apply. I understand him: a fresh new SL... mmmm sounds tempting on one hand but ... I don't want to loose all the nice people.
True friends will come back. Well maybe I will start fresh soon who knows.

Dikke kus

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