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Monday, 1 February 2010

Risk city - a mysterious art place

This weekend on Friday and Sunday I visited Risk city, the place of SuzeLaRousse Milo. Suze is a creative person with a good sense of humor and interested in mysterious art and sexy things as you will experience when hopping on the various pose balls.
At the entrance there are easy operating tp platforms that swiftly bring you to the place of your choice. I started with Icestorm: an enchanting and creative place to start.

I also explored the other places and the shop, where I bought funny hats and a disk that shoots cheerfull coloured balloons into the sky. I drooled over sexy see-through dresses and a 'fountain' made of undies.

At the shop you can also find an awesome pose stand with over 200 poses before a background of sky scrapers (nice photo shoot). Oh and I should not forget to mention the many many beds with hot sex poses.

Icestorm, awesome atmosphere

I investigated the other places as well: the cholate factory, the secret dressing room (funny poseballs), a bathing place and the shop. And yeah I know I could not stop taking pics ;-)

  hanging over the secret dressing room

I bought this hat (3 colours) in the shop (when I am not mistaken I paid L$ 100) 

sitting on a giant pin curl

Do hope I inspired you all to visit this awesome sim Risk city
And you know what, when I looked into the folder of the hats I noticed the names of the hats were in Dutch. Arghhhh another Dutch girl making awesome things in SL.

Dikke kus

Wearing a few of the 50L Friday stuff of 29th January I just had bought:
black bolero jacket: Adore and Abho
plaid dress (comes in more colours) :  Ohmai
stockings pink: League
grey Jersey left:Tres Blah

undress black dress of RunoRuno 


  1. Always good to see your photo's Dido thank you for sharing them.


  2. "keep your eye on the shadow"...

  3. Thanks Andrew!
    Good to hear you like my photo's ;-)
    Dikke kus

  4. Vink: I'm singing in the rain.....