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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Who's afraid of blue and purple?

MINA opened a new store (picture taken there) and has several 1 L$ opening gifts hidden. One of them is the Lotte brown hair I am wearing. But also the cute black/white top in the back of the picture is a 1L$ item as are several others. Success hunting ladies.

I am also wearing an oldtime favourite, the Zaara Xacuti wrap top. Now in lilac-turquoise version, which I bought today for little money at the Blue Dressing Room. Awesome!

Last but not least:
I received an NC from Mischief in which Janie Marlowe explained this is her last sale in Mischief history. She will stop with the Mischief lable and start something new.
Meanwhile all outfits and dresses marked down to 90L (greedy packs for 180L) and all single items marked to 50L (greedy packs for 100L). Not sure how long the sale will last. 
I am wearing the MIS Up and Down skirt Blueberry. 

Skin: League Suntan Smokey
Bracelet: MandalaTakara bracelet buddha blue

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