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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Demi skin - new LaVie Group Gift

Meet Demi  Reloaded a new skin of LaVie (f.k.a. Damiani). Demi will be g.a. on 23 June and sent as a Group Gift to the LaVie group tonite (22 June).

Demi has a face tattoo.. mwah, I like tattoos but not in my face. On the other hand I do love Demi's body, showing faintly the tan lines of a bikini. Very sexy!
It's a hot body, my fav parts: belly, breasts, spine and a detailed pussy (not shown, mm not in a nude mood today).

The LaVie group normally has a join fee, BUT is free for the next two weeks. So hurry ladies!

Demi is being released in 5 skin tones and 15 makeup options, each makeup comes with a haired base as well as the cleavage option as well as one skin clean with cat liner.

Skin: Demi Reloaded Summer fun tan line Tan (preview)
Hair: MINA hair Jean & D!va hair Akana Group Gift
Lingerie: Fishy Strawberry Ignition brown bra and classic panties
Socks: Miel LO refurbished socks multicolor

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