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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Alanis Gallery

I revisited Alanis Gallery to have a better look at the art work. My first visit had been a rather brief one, although then I was fortunate to have the owner, Michiel Seetan showing me around. Michiel and his SL partner Sylvia Fitzpatrick are the owners of the Gallery. Sylvia is the artistic art director, her pictures are exhibited among many others of several erotic artists.

I took my time and walked around taking some pics. Not enough I admit, but I hope it gives you an impression.

I was intrigued by Emiel Drascol’s hyper-erotic studies of Sonia, his RL wife and submissive. Did not publish them in my blog as hey... this is a decent blog... well sort of ;-)
Go and take a tour yoursef at  Alanis Gallery

Dikke kus
 Garry Walton

Temptress Fratica

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