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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

MINA's hair

A girl cannot have enough hair...

I am totally in love with my MINA Jean black hair
Jean is shoulder-length hair with razored layers that taper into flared edges. It comes with and without a headband. I prefer the headband version. It falls naturally around my face, looks feminin but not barbie-like.

I visited MINA her shop this weekend and met the designer Mina Makamura, who btw is Dutch like me. So many fantastic Dutch designers here in SL, makes me feel chauvinistic.

Anyway I decided to dedicate a blog on MINA hair. I am a picky customer I know, I have too many hairs in my invent already. Talking about that;  I need to restructure my hair folder too ... meaning hours of hard work, sighs!
I like the Suzan hair: a fuzzy updo hairstyle as Mina calls it. Wow now that's more my style: a bit wild and messhy - love it! So I decided to buy Suzan. After all a girl cannot have enough hair ;-)
Does it suit me as much as it does Mina?

Taxi to MINA

Dikke kus

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