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Thursday, 10 June 2010

From under the dust ...

Pffff I have been spending hours and hours the past evenings on restructuring my inventory. Still not finished ... (me sighs). But, on the other hand it's fun to find stuff that's in there for ages, a little dusty maybe, but still looking good.
Like for instance the 'Last Call' clothes: I stumbled into an entire folder with outfits. Some of them still look so good and up-to-date. I decided to show you some of the stuff, sometimes in combinations with newer items.

Sorry, but the clothes are no longer available. However, they all are transfer/no copy items .... so you could try to obtain second hand stuff ;-). When Ginny Talamasca died Katterina Dagostino, her SL business partner/friend kept Last Call shop open till March 31st 2008, before starting a new shop with a new partner called Archange. I remember vividly that it was always loaded with avi's at Last Call shop coz all outfits were on sale for only 100 L$ or less.  

So here we go:
 Britney outfit without tie

shirt and tie of Britney outfit combined with Plastik skirt Sephira

Frida trench jacket combined with MIEL Cali Cords Combo skirt

MINA hair Suzan 
Socks: Mocha short loose socks
Shoes: Enkythings Ekota T-Chocolate brown shoes

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