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Friday, 4 June 2010

New home: back at Tohl sim

my new home

Last week was a busy one: I have been installing myself at Tohl sim with the help of Alphons. Such a creative builder that guy, with an inventory that contains many nice things ;-). 

At first I wanted the awesome bungalow with the separate veranda: my home at Legion Triumphant. However, that meant I had hardly any prims left. So, after a night sleep I decided it was time for a change: I should not hold on to the past, but create a different atmosphere.

Alphons mentioned he had lots of nice houses in his invent. He put them all on my former island at Legion, looked like a weirdo bungalow park there. It was great fun examing them. I picked part of a tree hut with a veranda. Alphons enlarged the veranda and it even has built-in dances now ;-)

I especially like the shoreline of my tiny island: rocks and waves with accompanying sounds.
Thanks Alphons!

Dikke kus

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