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Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Companion

Smiling took me to The Companion today and as usual I enjoyed it very much our exploring together! Wow what a sim, I loved the trees, the atmosphere and the many many surprising pose balls. Did put on my warm sweater after arriving as this is a winter sim with lots of snow. Well the sweater did not really help as I ended up into the ice cold water many times ;-)

You follow the story line and on the way there are so many surprises. Well I show you some pictures, but as always my advise: Go and Enjoy yourselves!

Here's the taxi to The Companion 

The Companion, a region based on a Norwegian folktale. Follow the story  of a young man trying to reach his dream. By clicking the red spheres (look carefully, they are hard to find sometimes) you get the story which will guide you further through the region.
There is no music streamed. But there are sounds to illustrate the story. 

Sim still under construction owned by Frigg Ragu and built with the help of Miskat Qinan and Soror Nishi.

pitty I cannot let you hear the sound they make

Dikke kus

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