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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Wasteland at Marrowstone island

This afternoon by coincidence I ended up in Marrowstone island, which is an awesome place. It's a wasteland with many many nice pose balls and great stuff, which is all for sale.
Coz actually this is a store (the I-Reckon Main Store)... yeah you can buy everything, but what a fun store to walk around. I loved the place!

The trailers, churches, abandonned factories, mobile homes, the redneck furniture, lawn chairs and white trash stuff. Awesome! A nice place to make your own RP: I died twice, prayed for my soul in the church and was resurrected (one cannot die in SL now can you). 
Of course I could not stop taking pictures...
Here's your taxi 

Dikke kus

praying for the soul of Dido Haas

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