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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Emma's style

Introducing Emma, who's name actually is EmmaElizabeth but that's far too much typing, so Emma it is.

We met when doing some hunt where we shared info and ever since we are great friends. I liked her immediately.

She was very open and honest and told me about her avi Emma, who actually used to be her alt. Although we are very different and move around in other SL sims, (she has a punky kind of style, me the earthy girl), we do match on several issues. We have been exchanging info about Sales going on, awesome Group Gifts, new shops we found ever since. She tips me, I tip her.

I liked to do an item on Emma coz her style is so very different from mine and it's fun to show you a different look. 
Emma is punky but certainly not sloppy, on the contrary she is very very detailed and picky in all she does (creating her SL home, buying a skin pffff); she has high standards. I am lazy brat compared to her.
So here she is.

Thanks Emma for sending me pics and all the descriptions!
Dikke kus

Emma in the pink 

Skin - Apple sunblush ocean by AtomicBambi 
Hair - Beck by Cake 
Eyes - lilac blossom by Poetic Eyes 
Piercings - Mouth rings & spikes, Anti-Brow & septum ring by DK piercings 
Tattoos - Deviation from Normality by Dysotopia 
Choker - Bitter Choker by -RU- 
Armband - Lilith Upper arm L by Dark Eden 
Belt - Otaku Boy Ally by BareRose 
Vest - Unisex leather jacket by Primitive Design 
Pants - Death leather pants by Paradisis

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