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aanhef blog

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


I am in a fluffy mood today. It's summer, warm and lot's of friends are away on holiday. Last weekend the school holidays started here so no traffic jams, speeding, mmm (me: loves it!).

I had hoped to visit the Armidi Final Sale early my morning, but nope only received a note from the Warehouse (Mr. London Armidi) with the following info: 

Just a reminder that The Final Sale will be taking place at two private regions, not at Armidi itself.

We'll be making in announcement mid-morning with further details, including landmarks and event time.

Mmm, will have to wait till later meaning it will be crowded, meaning lag lag lag, coz by that time the US is awake too (SLT blergh). Sorry, no new old Armidi stuff to show you.

I went through my wardrobe instead and found a 'summer outfit' fitting my mood.


Top: Cynful Chequered Love white 
Skirt: K*S 136sweet Chocolate, inclusive tights (love them!)
Belt: Kunglers gold
Boots: Surf Couture Elsa Boots white
Arm Bracelets: (part  of) BINA summer kirtle 
Gloves: XTC Shirley Lace 

Skin: League Taylor Sunkiss BlackIce Frex
Hair: Truth Enix Streaked Champagne

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