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Friday, 30 July 2010

the Kubrick Rooms

The Kubrick rooms, created by Rumpledink Robbiani, are the SL homage to the late great Stanley Kubrick and his movies. From the hall (I loved the carpet btw) you enter the experience via door 237. It's fun and so nicely made. You recognise scenes from the movies. 

This is not a new spot my friend Smiling told me. He was the one that tp-ed me to the Kubrick Rooms, but unfortunately he had to leave in a hurry. Pitty coz he would have fitted brillantly into the surroundings being all grey ;-)

I explored later in the evening with my friend Dave, who changed his clothes to fit into the environment, dressed cool in black and white. 
Details of Dave his clothes see at the bottom of this blog.
The outfit I wear is called the Korova Milk Bar Droog getup, includes the hat. This Droog outfit can be collected at the Kubrick Rooms for free. 

Although there are not many pose balls around I did enjoy the sim coz it is so nicely made and detailed. And in case you are bored with SL you can sit down in the cinema and watch a Kubrick movie. Have fun exploring!

Taxi to Kubrick
Dikke kus

Now Dave is a guy who values nice clothes in SL. One of the few men in SL that do I guess. I love his outfits AND besides that he creates clothes himself now and then for fun, like for example the grey jumper. No they are not for sale ;-(
Dave is wearing:
Grey jumper made by Dave himself and not for sale
Black jumper by Second Date (Black) - Made Men

Jeans  Zaara *charcoal* (Classic) they are actually ladies jeans
Suit black Stripped open *Redgrave*

Boots /Black-Leather/ Sculpties *Redgrave*
Baseball boots are Akeyo chucks

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