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Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Smiling and me visited the isle of Drowsy, which is actually a shopping area. You find shops there of the Japanese designers  Kurotsubaki, BP, and Zero Number. But the isle is far too beautiful to visit only the shops and demands to be explored. We started yesterday Smiling and me and today I finished exploring.   

Some areas are a kind of fairytale town/forest (Dickens like). When you enter you walk the cobbled narrow main street with many surprises behind the doors. A narrow alley leading to a library, a deserted Zoo (take the apple and see what happens), cross a sewer and be surrounded by butterflies, enjoy yourselves at the abandoned playground, ... so many many things to do and discover at Drowsy.

bar at entrance point

the library

in part of the BP shop

The sim is tasteful (use of colour scheme, theme and composition) and definitely made with an eye for detail. I could not find any information/notecard about the isle on the sim itself, so I decided to google. I found usefull information on f.i. this Linden site

But hey go and explore yourselves. Enjoy!

Dikke kus

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