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Friday, 2 July 2010


 I know Cerberus Noel the designer/owner of *G*Field. We met long ago at the house of Akelei, a mutual friend. By then her roses were already famous. I bought several shoes and booties, as well as an awesome black lace cocktail dress.

G*Field store did well the past years and nowadays Cerberus her shoes, boots and clothes are well known and appreciated by a huge audience. G*Field style is feminine, Japanese but not too sweet and girlie. The quality is very good.

I personally am a fan of her boots and shoes. Especially the short lace-up (I bought green ones yesterday) and the western boots. But also the lovely slingbacks awww they fit super and are so nicely made. I like the colours.

Oh and not to forget her generous gifts for her update group! Lately there were an off-shoulder Shiffon top, the short laced-up boots in lavender, the floral halter top in wine... and her latest gift, which you can find at the new G*Field store at Icon Lifestyle: the floral halter top in olive.
Thanks Cerberus for creating so many beautiful things!

Dikke kus

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