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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Enchanting China Tang Empire

 Today Smiling and me we visited China Tang Empire. What a divine place owned by Valor Renilo. 
The Tang Dynasty (June 18, 618–June 4, 907) was an era of unprecedented progress in art and technology - the Golden Age of Chinese culture and economic development. On the sim you can take a walk through the corridors of time, and immerse yourselves in the divine beauty of Tang.

When you enter the front gate, you face the Tang palace. On your right lies the zen garden and a stone pagoda. On the left a temple. At the plaza in front of the main palace there are taichi and kungfu balls. There is also a love island at the corner of the sim.

In addition, there are 3 levels of underground to explore. There is an exhibition of treasures in the cellar. Certainly worthwhile a visit. I hope my pictures give you an indication of the beauty. Although they cannot let you hear the nice music.
Sit on the throne and feel like the last emperor, meditate, play martial arts, or wander through the lovely gardens. So many nice things to do and see. Smiling told me they organize concerts too.

Enjoy! Taxi to ChinaTang Empire 

Dikke kus

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