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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Isolde in G*Field swimwear with Truths' Kalista

Groupgifts I received today:

G*Field classic swimwear in 4 colors: black, red, strawberry and teal. I love this swimsuit, which I will use as a top too. Very nicely made with all the wrinkles and so generous to give us 4 colors! Thanks Cerberus!  

Exodi skin Isolde GroupGift all tones
I bought Exodi skin in the past (with hot red lips), but to be honest it is not my piece of cake anymore. The face of Isolde is nice and smooth, however without any characteristics. It's just another pretty face with pink lipstick (me don't like pink lipstick ...).
I show you Nuit and Soleil in the pictures. 
Although I normally wear lighter skins I prefered the Nuit version coz the other colors look grey and cool to me.
If you like the gifts join the groups (G*Field free, Exodi 250 Lindens).

Dikke kus

Aww and the AWESOME hair I am wearing is Truth last weeks Kalista Streaked Java. I am totally in love with that hair. So flex, it dances around my head and everybody says I am beautiful. Lol ;-)

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