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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Michiel Bechir, a photographer

one of the works of Michiel
not a standard exhibition area 
posing with my friend Michiel in front of one of his works  

Yesterday evening I had an appointment with my friend Michiel to talk about the exhibition in which he is taking part with 4 of his works. Wow this exhibition space was not the regular dull building, but an open space with lots of flowers and grass.  

Let me start with introducing Michiel Bechir: he is Dutch like me and one of the few SL friends I have known for ages. We both love travelling a lot in RL as well as in SL. He sends me LM's to awesome places and sometimes we go exploring together.
He is also one of the few SL friends with whom I share RL info. For instance last year he informed me about a super nice villa with a private pool on the Greek isle of Cephalonia in which he had stayed in spring. I went there in autumn and had a lovely holiday at this truly awesome villa and ditto island.  

Michiel explained his passion for taking pictures in SL and showing them to a broad audience:

'I try to capture exceptional and/or beautiful places in SL. Most of the time my pictures don't show people but landscapes and special constructions, but also surroundings that have unique characteristics. The new SL viewers have extensive possibilities to adjust the settings (i.e. sky & water) which I like to experiment with. I try to picture an SL place in a way I experience it, I seek the ultimate representation.  
The places I shoot are usually very quiet, that's why I have the idea not many people know about these unique places. With my pictures I hope in a modest way to give more publicity to these awesome sims, and inspire people to visit them.
I noticed the quality of the sims is getting better and better over the years, which inspires me to seek new worlds that are suitable to shoot.'

Inspired, like to visit? Here is your taxi to the exibition space.
More work of Michiel can be seen on Flickr

Dikke kus

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