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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Mysterious Wave

This afternoon Smiling was here and he tp-ed me to an awesome sim called 'Mysterious Wave', aww really enchanting AND this time I entered the place with dry feet (landed on solid ground). Well not for long coz there's a lot of water there. 

The sim is made by the French artist Cherry Manga. No notecard or other info to be obtained so I clicked on the land and I got the following info: 'sim minimalist , sculptures exhibition on a musical and outstanding atmosphere that inspires creativity . A world apart: art, sculpture, concert and plant by Cherry Manga , Elfe Imako & Anley Piers'. 

Wow Smiling and me we liked the place; so creative and full of surprises and works of art. Reminded me a bit of Bryn Oh's Immersiva

We walked around and of course I took too many pictures. We noticed Cherry was there and we IM-ed her. A friendly lady, telling us we were welcome to explore and blog ;-)
Let my pictures tell the story...

Intrigued like to see more? Here is your taxi to Mysterious Wave
Have fun!
Dikke kus

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