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Monday, 4 October 2010


When I see a staircase nowadays I cannot help but take extra care when descending. Reason: I felt down RL stairs a few months ago. I won't bother you with drama stories, but I was shaken when the Xray pics taken last week showed that my back did break during that fall. At least this explains why there is still pain after months of sessions with my physio/manual- therapist. 
So this 'broken' girl in RL shows you an intact girl in SL sitting on the stairs.

FIR and MNA The Dorset coat charcoal (FLF 1st Oct)
Plastik Boudoir dress Magnolia
LeeZu Corazon stockings gold
R2 Ankle boots Pumehana elua Orange  (50% off coz of the Halloween Wagon sale at the Love Soul sim, which will last till 15 October).

L.Fauna Dimples Freckles
League Taylor Sunkiss
MINA hair Jean
XTC Shirley lace gloves
Dikke kus

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