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Saturday, 30 October 2010



I met Mysti when I was Halloween hair hunting. We talked and became friends, she took me to her fav hair/skin shop, DrLife and invited me to her home. I asked her if I could do a blog item on her because she has such a cute avi. 
Yesterday I visited her at her home in the sky, above the house of her SL parents, whom she knows now for 2 years. Two years is a long time in SL, Mysti puts it down to the fact that her SL Mum is always around when she needs help and that she has been a support right from the beginning.

I liked her home immediately, it's lovely and so nicely decorated. Mysti told me she spends a lot of time there. When I asked her why a child avi she said  'that's a long story, do you have enough time?' I told her I had, so she told me the whole story.

Afterwards we went dancing and had great fun. She is a nice person and don't let her avi misguid you she is a bright intelligent woman!

Thanks so much Mysti for letting me in!
Dikke kus

Mysti is wearing:
Skin: DrLife Skin SilkGirl Crystal -Natural-0
Hair: DrLife healthy hair Lene-Wave(All Color)
Shape: a unique shape made by Circe Ishtari, Tokyo.Girl/NATSU Shapes & Skins - Asian Petite Mainstore
Clothes: Hello Kitty Shirt and Jeans from Catz Ninetails

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  1. MY MYSTI IS FAMOUS!!!! :D Love you my Mysti

    Auntie Tabby :D