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Thursday, 7 October 2010

hO wEAr - outfits of the day

hO wEAr is certainly a group worthwhile joining! You daily receive info about their 'Outfit of the Day', which is available in store for only 25 L$!
I am getting into the Halloween mood and therefore liked to blog this hO wEAr outfit called 'Out of the Shadows2', existing of prim skirt, panties or pants, lots of sculpture parts for the armor and.. a scripted crystal spear. 

Btw today's (7 Oct) hO wEAr outfit is 'Halloween Harlequin'. Cute, arghhh I want this one toooooo

URL for info about hO wEAR outfit of the day 

Mattia joined me. He created an outfit combining several freebies from his closet. Cool look! I think I will ask him more often to help me! The graveyard is a spooky place, dogs walking around, ghosts and beggars .... but hey it's almost halloween!

Dikke kus

Stylecard Dido

hO wEAr : outfit of the day 'Out of the shadows2' (existing of a scripted crystal spear, prim skirt, panties or pants and lost of sculpture parts for the armor).
Wearing the Halloween MINA FTLO huntgift hair (bloggers preview), which comes with a lovely orange mushroom hat. Will show more later.
The Plastik halloweenskin-Ghost smoke smoke (Halloween gift 2009)

Stylecard Mattia:
Patrick Shirt, Pants and Kragen from the Women's Black Master outfit
La Perla / Radhan Cape lang zusan

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