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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Over the top?

with my fav guy Matt and his creation MD-1

Matt and me testing MD-1 at a deserted beach. MD-1 can move around on his own now. 
My outfit is definitely over the top: looking like Harry Potter's older sis, arghh.
In case you wanna be a member of the Potter family too here's the stylecard:

+YRCooL bubly girl jean pants (part of opening gift for their new shop)
Plastik PrototypeTop Tornup Orange (part of the extensive Halloween gift)
LaVie top hat Lady (halloween hunt gift)
COCO black belt (group gift)
Fishy Strawberry college glasses
CoL Naomi smoke cardigan (part of outfit with tee and jeans)
B.Nutts star necklace (FF2 hunt gift)
Magika Delora Red hair pack (group gift)
YS and YS Sharon skin

MD-1 is wearing: nothing but his green skin and flex ears

Matt is wearing: arghhh no idea but I really love his jeans and sweater. Was it at Redgrave where he bought this outfit? Have to ask him. He looks cool, yep a hunk alright. 

Dikke kus

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